Derby Con – Louisville, KY

DerbyCon isn’t just another security conference. We’ve taken the best elements from all of the conferences we’ve ever been to and put them into one. DerbyCon is a place you can call home, where you can meet each other, party, and learn. Our goal is to create a fun environment where the security community can come together to share ideas and concepts. Whether you know Linux, how to program, are established in security, or a hobbyist, the ideal of DerbyCon is to promote learning and strengthen the community.

DerbyCon started originally through a group of us getting together: Originally a few of us (Martin Bos, Dave Kennedy, Alex Kah, and Adrian Crenshaw) got together at a pizza shop after a free Metasploit class in Louisville and talked about starting a conference. A year later, we hoped to get at least 400 people and ended up getting over a 1,000. We wanted to create a conference that was free of the politics and drama in the industry. A conference that got back to the roots of learning and sharing.

via DerbyCon 7.0 Legacy

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