The Equifax breach, and somethings you might not have thought of….


The recent Equifax breach has brought a lot of attention to Cyber/Information Security.

All the information you need to assume someones identity was stolen. The standard warnings, and tips on how to combat this theft has been repeated.

Here are some items I foresee happening, and that you should prepare for:

  1. The information you need to freeze or unfreeze your credit report is the same information that was stolen
  2. The Hackers operate just like a business; we are trying to run our business and move on, at the same time they are preparing strategies to use the data they stole against us.
  3. The data stolen includes salaries, and the amount of debt an individual has; this allows the hackers to develop a better strategy on whom to attack, (ROI, risk analysis, etc) sound familiar? Steps in conducting, and making business decisions.
  4. Executive targeting will increase as a result of this hack. Gary Hayslip and his company are working on some really interesting solutions to monitoring and protecting executive targets. (Executive Exposure Prevention see article HERE )
  5. Identity management must adapt, and we must develop new solutions
  6. Biometerics use (although not perfect) will increase
  7. And my final prophecy; some people/businesses will still do nothing and stay at risk

I hope you find my insights helpful, and they guide you to improving your defenses . If you require assistance use the contact page, and send me a note.

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