International Women’s Day

I have worked with, for and managed amazing professionals that are women.

But I want to pay a special recognition to a women whom affected my career and life the most. My wife

When we married and got pregnant we decided, together, that she wanted to be a stay at home mom. She managed two salons, and made great money at the time so that was a big step.

I promised her that I would work to ensure we did not go without.

She has raised our wonderful son, home schooled him, and supported me while I worked. She was the one that encouraged me while I was going through school, she was the one whom picked up the slack when the Military called me back to active duty and I was away doing Military stuff.

She was the one whom suggested what field I should study and go into when I was uncertain. That conversation went something like this, “you really like computers, and you really like security so take the IS course, duh.”

Man was she ever right, I’ve had a great career because if it. But none of it would have occurred if she had not been behind me, beside me, and sometimes in front of me.

So Happy International Women’s day to my wife.

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